Apple Implemented 6 New Changes In iPhone 15 Pro

Apple going to launch its iPhone 15 pro on Aug 16, 2023 (unofficial) and Apple company implemented 6 new changes in iPhone 15 pro

iPhone 15 Pro 6 New Changes

1. Desing

Apple iPhone 15 pro comes with titanium chassis and thinner curved bezels

2. Button Redesign

We, Gona, See new solid-state buttons with haptic feedback in iPhone 15 Pro

3. A17 Chip

Apple going to introduce the first 3nm chip on iPhone 15 Pro we get a good experience with this New A17 Chip

4. USB-C

This is big good news for iPhone lovers, we gonna see the USB-C port on the new iPhone 15 Pro. This is the best decision from Apple company

5. Periscope Camera

Apple is Adding Periscope Camera Features to iPhone 15 Pro it allows for 6x to 10x optical zooming

6. Red Color

We Gonna see Red Color iPhone 15 Pro this is for the first time a Pro Model with Red Color

Hope you like this Apple 15 Pro New Changes

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