About Vivo Company

Vivo, a prominent global smartphone manufacturer, prides itself on its expansive reach and strategic presence in key regions. With cutting-edge production facilities and state-of-the-art research and development centers situated in various locations, including Dongguan, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Chongqing in China, as well as in India, Indonesia, and the United States (San Diego), vivo exemplifies its commitment to innovation and excellence.

The company’s unwavering dedication has enabled it to establish a strong foothold in the competitive smartphone markets of China, India, and Southeast Asia. With an impressive market penetration in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and the Philippines, vivo has proven itself as a leading brand in the region.

However, vivo’s ambitions extend far beyond its current achievements. In a bid to expand its global presence even further, the company devised an ambitious growth strategy. In 2017, vivo set its sights on new territories, including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. By venturing into these markets, vivo aims to connect with a wider audience and bring its innovative smartphone offerings to even more discerning consumers.

Through its continuous pursuit of excellence and strategic expansion efforts, vivo solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the smartphone industry, poised to shape the future of mobile technology in diverse markets around the world.

Vivo Staff

At present, Vivo boasts a dedicated workforce comprising more than 40,000 talented individuals who contribute to the company’s success. With such a large team, vivo benefits from a diverse range of skills and expertise that drive innovation and growth.

One notable aspect of Vivo’s staff demographic is the youthful energy and vibrancy within the organization. The average age of employees stands at 29 years old, reflecting a dynamic and forward-thinking workforce. This youthful spirit permeates throughout the company, fostering a culture of agility, creativity, and adaptability.

The company takes pride in nurturing young talent and providing opportunities for career advancement. As evidence of this commitment, the youngest director within vivo is a remarkable 29 years old, showcasing the company’s recognition of young professionals’ capabilities and leadership potential. Moreover, Vivo’s dedication to promoting talent is exemplified by the fact that the youngest manager within the organization is an impressive 23 years old, demonstrating the company’s commitment to empowering and entrusting responsibilities to young individuals.

By fostering a vibrant and inclusive work environment that values the contributions of employees of all ages, vivo ensures a harmonious blend of experience and fresh perspectives. This collaborative atmosphere enables the company to leverage the innovative ideas and enthusiasm of its young workforce, while also benefiting from the wisdom and expertise of more seasoned employees.

With a diverse and talented team, vivo remains well-equipped to face the challenges of the rapidly evolving smartphone industry and continue its trajectory of success well into the future.

Working Culture

Vivo is more than just a company; it is a warm and welcoming big family, characterized by a vibrant and energetic workforce. At vivo, we embrace the enthusiasm and aspirations of our young employees, recognizing their potential and fostering an environment where their ideas and contributions are valued.

One of the key principles that define our company culture is a focus on actions rather than hierarchy. We believe that every employee, regardless of their position or title, has the ability to make a meaningful impact. We encourage a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere, where the best ideas can come from anyone within the organization.

Central to our approach is the belief in providing our employees with the freedom and space to develop themselves both personally and professionally. We understand that individual growth and fulfillment are essential components of a thriving work environment. By granting autonomy and empowering our employees, we enable them to unleash their full potential and excel in their respective roles.

Within the walls of vivo, you will find a culture that nurtures creativity, innovation, and a willingness to take on new challenges. We encourage our employees to embrace curiosity, think outside the box, and push boundaries. By cultivating an environment that values diverse perspectives and encourages open dialogue, we create opportunities for learning and continuous improvement.

At vivo, we understand that our employees are the driving force behind our success. We strive to provide a supportive and inclusive community that not only celebrates achievements but also supports one another during times of growth and development. Together, we create a culture that inspires and motivates each individual to reach their fullest potential.

In essence, vivo is a place where the concept of a traditional workplace hierarchy is replaced by a spirit of collaboration, empowerment, and shared success. It is a place where employees are not just part of a company but an integral member of a supportive and forward-thinking family.

Source: Vivo Official Website

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